Active stretching and self massage for cyclists & triathletes

An essential do-it-yourself athlete’s video guide for maximizing performance, injury prevention and recovery, and increasing flexibility. DVD addresses topics such as:


  • Foam Rollers demystified
  • Myofascial release
  • Injury prevention and injury recovery
  • Increasing range of motion and strength
  • Pain - how to learn and listen to it’s messages
  • Daily exercises you can do at at home
  • Learn why active stretching and dynamic stretching are safer
  • Clear demonstrations for you to follow
  • Save money & time with convenience of massaging post workouts, and at home stretching techniques.


Learn proven techniques from bike fit specialist, cycling coach and renowned Physical Therapist, Curtis Cramblett.

"These exercises helped me maintain mobility through injury, and stay stretched and strong on the bike"
- Anna Eyre Mountain Biker, Pilates, Sailing